Linear Scale



Overview Excellent structure with aluminium casing, easy, to install.


Linear measurement; non-contact measurement, accurate and reliable; high repeat precision.

HH Series

ITEMS Specification
Signal output type CANopen
Systemic resolution 5um
Hyscteresis <5um/± 1 digit l
Degree of nonlinearity <± 0.02% F.S (minimum ±50um)
Repeated Accurancy <± 0.001%F.S
Supply voltage 12-30V DC
Update  frequency 0.5ms (stroke < 500mm) , 1ms (stroke < 2400mm), 2ms(stroke<4800mm)
Current Consumption <150mA
Measurement range 50-400mm
Temperature drift factor (6mm+5PPM*L)/*C
OVP(Over Voltage Protection) Transzorb protection diode
Polarity reverse protection Yes
Insulation grade 500V DC (housing earth)
Protection grade IP67

EH Series

ITEMS Specification
Signal output type Analog output
Output Voltage 0-10V/10-0V
Systemic resolution < 0.1mV
Maximum Current 5mA
Hysteresis < 4um
Degree of nonlinearity <±0.01%F.,(minimum ±50um)
Repeated accuracy <±0.001%F.S,
Supply Voltage 15-30V DC
Update Frequency 0.5ms (stroke < 500mm),1ms(stroke < 2400mm),2ms(stroke <4800mm)
Current consumption <150mA
Measurement range 50-4000mm
Temperature drift factor Transzorb protection diode
OVP (over voltage protection) Yes
Polarity Reverse protection 500V DC (housing earth)
Insulation grade IP67


The AST3300 series pressure transducers, set a new price performance standard for demanding commercial and heavy industrial applications. This series is suitable for measurement of liquid or gas pressure.
The transducer pressure cavity is machined from a solid piece of 17-4 PH stainless steel. The standard version includes a 1/4 BSP M pipe thread allowing a leak-proof, all metal sealed system. There are no O-rings, welds or organics exposed to the pressure media. The durability is excellent.