PMSM Gearless Belt Machines for Passenger Lift

Greenstar from Bharat Bijlee is a new-generation gearless machine for elevators powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Compact modular designs, light weight and low operating noise levels make it especially suitable for machine room-less applications.

Real saving in energy consumption (up to 30%), and in space and routine maintenance requirements, contribute to a significant reduction in cost of ownership. The gearless machine, configured with the KEB variable frequency drive and our 30 years of elevator experience, is an unbeatable value proposition.

Rated load: 5 to 20 passengers. Rated speed: 0.5m/s to 1.5m/s.


  • Suitable for elevators with or without machine room
  • Energy saving up to 30%
  • Low noise
  • No oil spillage problems
  • Key components are imported
  • Outstanding torque & cogging characteristics